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Four Universities. One Winner. Boundless Creativity.

Check Out the 3M Disruptive Design Challenge.

  • The Winning Team: T3AMNDSU

    Ready to be dazzled? Seven undergraduate students from North Dakota State University won DDC with
    their aptly named project, “The Dazzle Box.” To address the challenge, T3AMNDSU built its container
    in the shape of a truncated octahedron. This approach helped reduce stress upon impact and improved
    stackability for transportation needs.

    The team’s design consisted of three main components:

    • A semi-flexible polycarbonate shell
    • Gradient foam to protect payload
    • An easy way to retrieve payload

    The unique exterior design of T3AMNDSU’s container was inspired by the theory of “dazzle camouflage.”
    The team implemented brightly-colored tapes and flashing LED lights to potentially help disaster
    victims easily locate the container.

  • Watch T3AMNDSU’s DDC Technical Presentation

  • Our container had complex geometry that could only be accomplished with adhesive bonding. After the competition, I now have a better appreciation for epoxies and tapes.

    Marcus Sergeant, Student,
    Iowa State University

  • Through our 3M design challenge, students can learn about new materials and solution sets that they can bring into the classroom and workplace.

    Shirin Saadat, Global Technical Director,
    3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

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