1. Craig Moss
  • My advice is to have fun, even though you’re going to make mistakes. Learn from the things that go wrong.

    – Craig Moss

  • Q&A with Craig Moss
    Market Development Manager
    Representing: Iowa State University

  • Tell us about your role as a Market Development Manager within the 3M IAT group. What are you responsible for?

    I oversee larger national accounts that we sell directly to within the construction and automotive industries. As the manager, I’m responsible for building customer relationships, developing new products and finding ways to solve bonding issues that our customers experience.

  • Have you ever been involved with any prior mentoring efforts?

    At my last job, I participated in mentoring our younger project managers. We took an active role to ensure senior leaders were able to impart wisdom to recent graduates. I was able to help a few colleagues understand the industry and learn the skills needed to be a strong project manager. I still keep in touch with some of the people I mentored even after they moved on to new roles or got promoted. I like to think I played a part in their growth.

  • Do you have a mentor? What is their background and how do you stay in touch?

    When I was new to my career as an Application Development Engineer, I was matched with a mentor who helped me navigate aspects of the business that only come from years of experience. He helped me understand the day-to-day operations of business management more so than engineering. That partnership helped me become a stronger employee.

  • What do you know now that you wish you had a chance to learn at the undergraduate level?

    Had I known where my post-grad career would lead me, I might have taken more business and management electives. That would have helped prepare me a lot earlier in my career for the operations side of project management.


    Also, the holding power of adhesives and tapes weren’t taught at a university level when I was a student. My team will have a leg up since they will soon recognize there’s more to bonding than metal fasteners.

  • Do you have any words of encouragement for the team you’re mentoring?

    Have fun with this—even though you’re going to make mistakes. There isn’t much that can be done except to learn from things that go wrong. Next, use the DDC as an experience to help advance your skillset to the next level in both technical and team-driven ways. Finally, I’m excited for this opportunity to engage with the students at my alma mater and hear how things have changed on campus since I was a student.

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